Monday, August 2, 2010

Spending too much!!~

So I've bought at least 4 things the past 2 days! YIKES!!!

I've made my final payment on my little girl!~ She should be here in a couple weeks or so from texas!

I also bought a new jacket today from this asian fashion site called .

Very cute things there! A bit pricey but I'm willing to try it from the cheap forever21 alternative. They have things i like plus i can invision myself wearing it because all the models are asian!~ but anyways I LOVE THE STYLE !!!

I also got alot of things for my dolls cause i got back into them again. I got a casual dress set for one of the girls. Its like a fall/winter outfit. I got kisa and toushiro a new wig. Which im looking foward to getting because the styles are really different and i'm experimenting with colors.
And thats all i think that i bought. I really want to buy more things tho @__@ I need to start saving up for other stuff . blah!!~ well that is all!!~

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  1. I hope you find comfort in knowing that I'm about to spend too much, too. HAHAHAHHA. Shame on us >_>