Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dispicable Schmucks

I saw the trailer for Dinner for Schmucks a while ago and thought It looked interesting, so once we felt like going to the theater we saw this along with Dispicable Me. The story was pretty funny. Like in the tailer you don't really know much about what is happening except for crazy Steve Carell. I won't ruin it, but its a pretty fun story. I'm not sure if I would tell a friend "Hey go check out this movie its SOOO FUNNY". My feelings of how good it is, is a step below that last statement. LIke its good but not rediculously good. I had fun tho haha!~

Haha yes another steve Carell movie! After hearing about the cute fluffy unicorn I had to see what all the hype was about. Visually everything in the movie I thought was great! O and I saw it in the normal theater so no 3d. But! I thought it was good all the same. Story however was a bit slow and I found myself and my boyfriend moving around in our seats alot. Parts were cute, the usual, So that can be why I felt i wasn't enjoying the movie as much as I wanted to. All the cute parts were from the trailer. So I found I liked Dinner For Schmucks more then Dispicable Me. Hopefully my next movie adventure will be better! I still want to see Inception!!!


  1. IT'S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE. LOL. Dearest Allison, you have turned into an aspiring movie critic. But I have to agree with you. The movie Despicable Me was just okay. I'm pretty sure the cute Agnes and minion moments were what saved the movie. Otherwise, I wouldn't have really cared much for it, heh.

  2. OH YEAH, LOOK AT THE TIMESTAMP ON MY POST(S) D: Insomnia, you so bad.