Monday, December 19, 2011

Yet another addition....

Thanks to my friend I found myself addicted to designer shoes. The fashionista in me is telling me to buy and collect every single one that suit my fancy. Which shoes am I talking about? Well, Jeffrey Campbell's Litas of course!

I have tried to be more selective in choosing which I want. But it is so hard to pick! I told myself I will try to get the "Brown Distressed Leather"(as it is named) or the "Brown Calf" color because dark brown is a nice color to wear with everything!~ I also told myself, "hey I should get a fun colored one!", easier said then done! They have so many pretty, cool, fun litas! I find myself attracted to the pink colors as well as the glittery ones. For the fun ones I'd have to see and try them on in person sadly. I am too indecisive to order just one fun pair online LOL ! Plus the color might be slightly different from the computer.

Another shoe that is a must have for me, while collecting the Litas are Sam Edelman's Rosa shoes! I pretty much NEED the black ones! However I thought I wanted the black spikes, now I'm not sure if I'd like the silver more... O well.. they are pretty pricy, so it may be a while until I have they money. Also by then I hope to be confident in walking in heels. Oh and let's not forget these sexy babies!! Sam Edelman's Zoe boots!~ sigh!!~

Lastly Steve Madden! My absolute favorite! I really like his things because I can always find at least two things that I like from him. I got these babies for christmas! Didn't open them yet tho. I'm so excited to wear them :D !

Steve Madden also has some nice heels! I call them teacher heels cause they have a thicker heel and I can wear them when I student teach. well.... maybe wear them @_@. Depending on how much I have to run around LOL ! But regardless nice cute heels in pretty colors~

Anyway, I hope I can get used to walking in heels! I bought a starter pair from nine west. Very comfy! hehe! But anyway I must wear them at least 10 times to get my monies worth, or ever think about getting a new pair of heels. I think I can do it! LOL !! Will tell about my progress later!