Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lush Products Review

I've always heard how expensive Lush products were, but never actually stopped by the store before. I guess lately I've been curious because I was afraid my skin was looking a bit... old and dry. Yikes! Right?

I did some research about what to treat my skin with and I decided on these two products.

Eau Roma Water

Type: Soothing herbal toner

Lush description: Found Here

My Review: The way I used the product was by simply praying a bit on my face in the morning and let it soak into my skin. At night I would spray some on a cotton ball to remove any excess makeup on my skin after I washed my face. As Lush describes, I found it to be very cooling and soothing for my dry skin. It smells wonderful and my skin looks more hydrated after the Roma Water was soaked in.  
I am not sure if it has helped with redness, however. I have some rosacea on my face and I was using the second product for that. So I'm not sure how much the Eau Roma Water helped contribute to the toning down of that.

Overall Rating- 5/5

Dream Cream

Type: Sensitive skin body lotion 

Lush Description:  Found Here

My Review: What caused me to get this product was 1) it was one of the best selling items and 
2)NikkiPhillippi recommended it because it helps with the rosacea I have. I think it helped with the rosacea a lot. It's not as red by the bridge of my nose and cheek area anymore! Very happy with that! The only thing I'm not too happy about is the smell is a bit strong and it feels sticky on my skin. 

Overall Rating: 4/5