Thursday, July 18, 2013

Steampunking It !

I've decided to get on the steampunk train!!

I always wanted to get into steampunk and I have taken the plunge. I started by getting a general idea of who my steampunk self is. I went with airship pirate and thought about what I wanted to wear. This site helped me a lot to think about my steampunk persona.

And the result is this sketch I did!

So far I have bought:

1) Torian corset in the royal blue and gold medallion chenille- Damsel in this dress
2) Cream blouse- Damsel in this dress
3) nerf toy shotgun- Amazon

I am very excited for these items to come in!! Will do a review once they get in :) !


  1. oh cool! i didn't know you had a blog allison!! hahahaha~ keep up with the updating! <3

    ahhh and i saw a post of you and andrew two years ago. you guys both look so young!!

    - sarah -

    1. haha I know! You inspired me to try blogging again :) ! Hopefully I won't get lazy @_@ !!

      It's so weird seeing us from like 4 or 5 years ago! Where did the time go eh? @_@