Friday, March 5, 2010

I spend too much~~

Man my spending has gotten so bad this month! I need to stop!! Or maybe I should tell my parents to limit my spending X_X !

Anyway I just bought some of those covetted tights that have poka dots on them OMG! hahaha so freaking hard to find! and bought them on line at the forever 21 store. YES! but boo for $5 shipping....ehh...

I bought my friend a pair too cause she wanted them and is crazy for them also. I hope they fit us good. It was one size fit all X_X

Looking at chictopia made me want so many different kinds of shoes. Meh...MONEYYY!!!
I want black and white mary janes, one of those will be a bit high heeled and the other normal doll like shoes. One pair of black and white spectators shoes with a bit of a square heel. Next, a pair of black, normal, cute, close toed heels. Brown oxfords would make my day and so would a pair of sam edelman black boots!!~

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